Design weeks are periods of time (usually a week, but sometimes even a month) in a certain location , in which there’s a celebration for design.

During the design weeks, there are usually many design related events happening, such as exhibitions, seminars and meetings, therefore for us, design lovers, it is the perfect time to visit that destination, as we can always find amazing places to visit, parties to attend and get to know amazing and inspiring people, who are as passionate for design as we are.

We can see design weeks as a festivity for design, with design lovers getting together to celebrate design and share views, creations and opinions, during the many design events that occur during that time.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of design weeks all over the world, from the most famous to the most underground, some more related with a specific design subject, others celebrating design as a whole, but all of them have one thing in common: the passion for design – and that is enough to make it worth the visit, isn’t it?

Considering how many design weeks there is, it was impossible for us to include every single one in this calendar – but have a look below to find our favourites!

The Worldwide Design Weeks Calendar: January


  • Rd+ (Rome, Italy) – website
  • Toronto Design Offsite Festival (Toronto, Canada) – website

The Worldwide Design Weeks Calendar: February


  • Bahrain International Design Week (Bahrain) – website
  • Arctic Design Week (Rovaniemi, Finland) – website
  • Design Indaba Festival (Cape Town, South Africa) – website
  • India Design Forum (Mumbai, India) – website
  • Stockholm Design Week (Stockholm, Sweden) – website

The Worldwide Design Weeks Calendar: March


  • Bogotá Design Week (Bogotá, Colombia) – website
  • Boston Design Week (Boston, MA, USA) – website
  • Knoxville Design Week (Knoxville, TN, USA) – website
  • London Design Week (London, UK) – website
  • Design Shanghai (Shanghai, China) – website
  • Singapore Design Week (Singapore) – website

The Worldwide Design Weeks Calendar: April


  • Athens Xclusive Designers Week (Athens, Greece) – website
  • Design Week Fort Wayne (Fort Wayne, IN, USA) – website
  • Kansas City Design Week (Kansas City, MO, USA) – website
  • Milan Design Week (Milan, Italy)
  • Minsk Design Week (Minsk, Belarus) – website
  • Philippines Design Week (Philippines) – website
  • Portland Design Week (Portland, OR, USA) – website
  • Vermont Design Week (Burlington, VT, USA)
  • West Michigan Design Week (West Michigan, MI, USA) – website

The Worldwide Design Weeks Calendar: May


  • Beirut Design Week (Beirut, Lebanon) – website
  • Berlin Design Week (Berlin, Germany)
  • Clerkenwell Design Week (London, UK) – website
  • Lithuania Design Week (Vilnius, Lithuania) – website
  • Malta Design Week (Malta) – facebook
  • Melbourne Design Week (Melbourne, Australia)
  • NYCxDesign (New York City, NY, USA) – website
  • Prague Design Week (Prague, Czech Republic) – website
  • Saint Petersburg Design Week (St. Petersburg, Russia) – facebook
  • Zagreb Design Week (Zagreb, Croatia) – website

The Worldwide Design Weeks Calendar: June


  • Barcelona Design Week (Barcelona, Spain) – website
  • Florence Design Week (Florence, Italy) – website
  • Los Angeles Design Festival (Los Angeles, CA, USA) – website
  • Louisville Design Week (Louisville, KY, USA) – website
  • Romanian Design Week (Romania) – website
  • San Francisco Design Week (San Francisco, CA, USA) – website
  • Warsaw Design Week (Warsaw, Poland) – facebook

The Worldwide Design Weeks Calendar: July


  • Denver Design Week (Denver, CO, USA) – website

The Worldwide Design Weeks Calendar: August


  • Open Design Cape Town (Capte Town, South Africa) – website
  • São Paulo Design Week (São Paulo, Brazil) – website

The Worldwide Design Weeks Calendar: September


  • Design Week Rhode Island (RI, USA) – website 
  • Helsinki Design Week (Helsinki, Finland) – website
  • Honolulu Design Awards (Honolulu, HI, USA) – website
  • Houston Design Week (Houston, TX, USA) – website
  • IAI Jakarta (Jakarta, Indonesia) – website
  • Oslo Design Week (Oslo, Norway)
  • Paris Design Week (Paris, France) – website
  • Sydney Design Week (Sydney, Australia) – website
  • St. Louis Design Week (St. Louis, MO, USA) – website
  • Taiwan Designers Week (Taiwan) – website
  • Tirana Design Week (Tirana, Albania) – website
  • Toledo Design Week (Toledo, OH, USA) – website
  • Vancouver Design Week (Vancouver, Canada) – website
  • Wichita Design Week (Wichita, KS, USA) – website

The Worldwide Design Weeks Calendar: October


  • AIGA Design Conference Baltimore (Baltimore, MD, USA) – website
  • Bangkok Design Week (Bangkok, Thailand) – website
  • Beijing Design Week (Beijing, China) – website
  • Belgrade Design Week (Belgrade, Serbia) – website
  • BHAM Feast (Birmingham, UK) – website
  • Budapest Design Week (Budapest, Hungary) – website
  • Cincinnati Design Week (Cincinnati, OH, USA) – website
  • DC Design Week (Washington, DC, USA) – website
  • Design Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA, USA) – website
  • Dubai Design Week (Dubai, UAE) – website
  • Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven, Netherlands) – website
  • Ioha Design Month (IA, USA) – website
  • LDW (Lisbon, Portugal) – website
  • Mexico Design Week (Mexico) – website
  • Moscow Design Week (Moscow, Russia) – website
  • Philippines Design Week (Philippines) – website
  • Phoenix Design Week (Phoenix, AZ, USA) – website
  • Salt Lake Design Week (Salt Lake, UT, USA) – website
  • Saudi Design Week (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) – website
  • Sheffield Design Week (Sheffield, UK) – website
  • Tampa Bay Design Week (Tampa Bay, FL, USA) – website
  • Tokyo Design Week (Tokyo, Japan) – website
  • Venice Design Week (Venice, Italy) – website
  • Vienna Design Week (Vienna, Austria) – website

The Worldwide Design Weeks Calendar: November


  • Belfast Design Week (Belfast, UK) – website
  • Cairo Design Week (Cairo, Egypt) – website
  • Czech Design Week (Prague, Czech Republic) – website
  • Galway Design Week (Galway, Ireland) – facebook
  • Istanbul Design Week (Istanbul, Turkey) – website
  • Lima Design Week (Lima, Peru) – website
  • Nairobi Design Week (Nairobi, Kenya) – website
  • Rio de Janeiro Design Week (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) – website

The Worldwide Design Weeks Calendar: December


  • Addis Ababa Design Week (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) – website
  • Chiang Mai Design Week (Chiang Mai, Thailand) – website
  • Business of Design Week (Hong Kong) – website
  • Seoul Design Week (Seoul, South Korea)

Which ones of those design weeks have you visited? Which are your favourites? Let us know!

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