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Notus Counter Stool

Notus Counter Stool is a relaxing upholstery piece, with a clean and unique design, perfect to blend in and highlight different types of interior spaces. Its design resembles a cloud, and this piece is just as comfortable and comforting as you′d imagine those to be.

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W: 63 cm | 24.80′′ - H: 90 cm | 35.43′′ - D: 67 cm | 26.38′′
Produced upon request. Production Lead Time: 8 to 12 Weeks (shipping time not included)
nomadous-the-world-through-design-luxury-furniture-finishes-fabrickanpur005kanpur 005

kanpur 005

Order Sample 15cm|5.90" x 15cm|5.90"

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nomadous-the-world-through-design-luxury-furniture-finishes-mirrorclearmirrorclear mirror

clear mirror

Order Sample 15cm|5.90" x 15cm|5.90"

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Luxury Furniture

Notus Counter Stool is produced using the highest quality materials, finishes and handcrafting techniques, resulting in a luxury furniture piece with a strong presence and bold design, extravagant yet elegant, luxurious yet subtle. The finishes are luxurious kanpur 005 and clear mirror, perfect to highlight your decor.

Exquisite Furniture

The finishes used in Notus Counter Stool have the highest quality and that quality reflects itself in the perfect final result. With Nomadous Design team creativity, the best materials and finishes and the talent of our artisans bringing the ideas to life while handcrafting Notus Counter Stool, the final result is a design piece that will surprise and amaze anyone who has the chance to meet it.

Unique Furniture

Using the highest quality kanpur 005 and artisanal techniques to handcraft the piece and apply the finishes, results in a unique art piece that will highlight any room it is inserted in, adding soul to the ambiance and improving the overall character of the interior design. This designer furniture piece will subtly reflect the environment and blend with the most exquisite rooms you place it at.

Lifetime Warranty

An exclusive Nomadous design piece, each Notus Counter Stool is numbered and includes a unique serial code. With a distinct form and luxurious finishes, no two pieces are exactly the same. Nomadous takes pride in the quality of its products and offers lifetime warranty to all of our pieces.

Elegant Design

Notus Counter Stool has kanpur 005 as its main finishing, resulting in an outstanding design piece. This piece is perfect to complement the most demanding decoration projects, due to the surprising design and elegant features.

Handcrafted Furniture

Notus Counter Stool is handcrafted in Porto, Portugal by talented Portuguese artisans, who merge the knowledge of generations when it comes to furniture handcrafting. As every detail is handcrafted, no two pieces are exactly the same. Produced upon request and with the utmost attention to every detail, this kanpur 005 design piece is 100% customizable to fit your exact needs.


Notus is inspired by the air element, resembling the clouds. The clouds make children imagination sparkle while decoding its forms and adults wonder about what heaven feels like, just like this upholstery piece does. Named after Notus, the god of the south wind in the greek mythology. {read more about Nomadous Inspirations}


Notus Counter Stool is handcrafted in Porto, Portugal by Nomadous talented artisan team. Our artists are carefully selected due to their skills and have a deep knowledge when it comes to producing high end furniture pieces. With no detail left to chance, each part of this art piece, from the smallest to the largest, is handcrafted by a specialized artisan, resulting in a unique and exclusive design piece. Due to this focus on handcrafting in both the piece and finishes production, no Notus Counter Stools are exactly the same. We produce this piece upon request and you can expect a production lead time between 8 to 12 weeks (transit time not included). Though very similar, each Notus Counter Stool has its own soul and uniqueness, as an art piece should always have. {read more about Nomadous Handcrafting}

Asymmetrical Design

Notus Counter Stool has a unique asymmetrical design, elegant yet exquisite, perfect to be the highlight of your decoration.


With Notus Counter Stool, you can expect the utmost quality, luxury and exclusivity. Nomadous takes pride in the attention to every detail and all our pieces reflect just that: flawless exquisite furniture creations. Each one of Notus Counter Stool is handcrafted and as such is a unique piece in itself, an outstanding furniture piece with Nomadous quality of excelence. All Notus Counter Stool are numbered and include a unique production serial number and a Certificate of Authenticity, which proves it is an authentic Nomadous art piece. Our talented team is prepared to customize Notus Counter Stool when it comes to finishes and dimensions, assuring that each piece will surpass the highest expectations of the most demanding clients. {read more about Nomadous Exclusivity}
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