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+351 965 573 896 [email protected] Porto, Portugal

Brand Profile
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Nomadous profile and key facts
Nomadous aims to inspire all design lovers through the creation of unique and exquisite art pieces.

Created in 2016 in Porto, Portugal, Nomadous name is inspired by the love to travel and discover new beautiful details in the world, as cosmopolitan nomads we aim to bring to our homes a bit of everything we have seen during our trips – this is what Nomadous has to offer.

The brand is inspired by the world as a never ending source of beauty and inspiration, we find the sparkle to design new unique design pieces in every new place we visit, the traditions, the people, the monuments, the nature – it all inspires our team to create the exclusive design pieces you can find in our collection.

We see our homes as our private world, an important part of our daily lives, the place we live in plays an important part in who we are and how we feel, and this is why Nomadous strives to provide you with the perfect solution to make your house exactly how you dream it to be.