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+351 965 573 896 [email protected] Porto, Portugal


Nomadous brand and company values

Commitment & Professionalism

Nomadous team is passionately committed with the clients, dealing with every situation with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.


At Nomadous, we breathe design and we always find ways to surprise our clients with unique pieces that provide unique experiences.

Open Minded

Always one step ahead, Nomadous embraces all cultures, genders, ideas and ideals. We believe in freedom of speech.


We strive to get to know the world and value each unique culture, landmark, experience and unique feeling each place provides us. We aim to pass this feelings through our art, Nomadous: the world through design.

Quality of Excellence

For Nomadous, the quality of each and every piece or service delivered to our clients is a top priority, which is why we always aim for excellence in everything we do.